IX Web Hosting Review & IX Promo Code Rate $3.95

IX Web Hosting has been serving customers since 1999. IX is proof that you can get everything you need in web hosting for a small monthly fee, usually just a few dollars per month. There is no need to shop further, IX can provide solutions no matter what your web hosting needs are.

Get IX Webhosting Now! Starting at a Great Promo Rate of $3.95/Month!

IX Web Hosting owns there own servers. They do not resell their product. They are the actual company. They own their own data center and they monitor their servers 24/7 so you do not lose your uptime. They offer 99.9% uptime which is reassuring when you have customers to serve.

IX Web Hosting takes the security of your website personally. They know that you are relying on them to keep thing safe. They do not take this lightly. IX uses state of the art technology and the newest ways to keep your site in safe hands.

The award winning IX Web Hosting includes the following features (remember this isn’t all of them, just a few!):

  1. A great site builder
  2. Ecommerce ready
  3. Unlimited disk space
  4. Unlimited file transfer
  5. Up to 3 free domain names
  6. 15 dedicated IP addresses
  7. 24/7 support FREE!!!
  8. Supports International Domains
  9. Web Statistics
  10. Ad coupons to help you get started
  11. Control panel that is easy to use
  12. Microsoft Windows Hosting
  13. Free Scripting (Ruby on Rails, PHP, Perl, CGI, CGI-BIN, Javascript and more)
  14. Unlimited e-mail accounts
  15. Supports Multimedia features

Remember, these are just a few of the features you can get through IX. The best feature of all is that IX doesn’t even have a hosting plan for more than $7.95 per month right now. This may be a limited time offer so be sure to sign up today!

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