Reseller Web Hosting – Benefits and Features

Everyone likes the idea of making money online. One great way to get a business started online that does not take as much equipment as others is to become a reseller. What this means is that you become a reseller of domain names and/or web hosting services.

When you are looking for hosting for your service there are some things that you need to be sure to look into. After all, this is a business and you need to have the ability to provide your customers with quality service.

Things to look for include:

Reliable uptime and 24/7 customer support – this is a competitive industry and your customers will not settle for less so make sure you have a support team in place and that your servers are reliable.

Server – You have a few choices here. You can buy your own server or you can use virtual servers. The server does have to be dedicated. Some reseller web hosts will offer you the use and support of their servers. Depending on the kind of server (Unix, Windows, Linux) you have it will be the deciding factor in which kinds of script you can support as a reseller. You may want to look into what customers are generally looking for and make sure that you get a server that will support what your customers need.

Control Panel – Web site administrators are looking for easy to use control panels. Investigate the various control panels that web hosts use and pick one that will be user friendly.

Bandwidth – Unless you are offering free web hosting your customers will want to be able to know that their bandwidth (traffic or data transfer) is unlimited. To be competitive you need to offer unlimited bandwidth.

Website Builder – Most web hosting companies offer a free website builder. This takes the mystery and fear out of having a presence on the web for your customers. Be sure that you look into this so that you can help your clients have what they need.

Domain name – Most if not all web hosting includes at least one domain name registration now. If someone is paying for hosting services it is a given anymore that the domain name is included.

E-mail accounts – Web site builders and company owners are looking for an online presence and part of that includes having e-mail accounts that coordinate with their website. This is like having free advertising every time they send an e-mail. The more accounts you can offer a customer the better.

This list is not all that you need to think about. The best thing to do is to look at what your competition is offering and try your best to be competitive. Reseller web hosting services are growing quickly if they know what to offer their customers.

We have found HostGator to be one of the best resellers out there right now.

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