Free Web Page Hosting Features and Benefits

Free web hosting is just what it says it is “free”! This is a great thing for those that know that they want a web site but aren’t sure if they want to pay for it just yet.

How do free web hosts make money?

They make money by placing ads on your site. Unlike paid hosting, you don’t have control over the fact that the free web hosting company will place ads on your web site. You will not have control over what kinds of ads are run or where they are placed. These ads can be text links, banners or pop ups. It all depends on the company and the ad campaigns that they are running at any given time.

The good and the bad of free web hosting:

The good is that it is the perfect price: FREE! Another good thing about free web hosting is that they are usually very easy to build websites on and don’t take any previous web experience. Most have their own website builders and templates and you can customize them to a degree. The bad is the ads along with a lack of control that you have over your website and the features you may enjoy with paid web hosting. You may also find that your free web page has more downtime than it’s cheap web hosting peers. This is because free web hosts tend to crowd servers and then you and every other free customer are sharing a server, they get bogged down, run slow and eventually you have outages.

Did you want your own domain name?

Consider this as a deciding factor in whether free web hosting is right for you or not. If you wanted your own domain name like you will not have that capability with a free host. With free hosting you will have a subdomain that looks like This can make it hard to share with people if it is not extremely easy to remember and somewhat catchy.

Where do you get free web hosting and cheap web hosting:


Cheap Web Hosting:

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