Pay Per Click Advertising

What is pay per click advertising?

Pay per click advertising programs are usually run by search engine companies or certain website. These entities let you put together ads and then they don’t charge you to run the ads until they are placed on various sites and someone clicks on them. Most pay per click companies use your keywords in the ad to match you with sites and search pages that use the same or similar keywords so that you attract your target audience. The greatest thing about this is that the cost is low and you control what you pay. Another great feature is that you can track your results. You know what you have spent on advertising daily. The tracking results that are available with these programs is impressive and will help you to optimize your advertising dollars.
Because of the affordability and ease of this form of advertising, pay per click programs have become extremely popular. The fact that your ads are not only shown on websites but on search engine listings is a great boon for advertisers. The biggest search engines including MSN, Google and Yahoo all have pay per click programs that will show your ads not only on websites but on their own search engine results pages.
With some pay per click programs (but not all) you will pay a very small start up fee. You set up how much you are willing to pay for each ad that gets clicked on. Some ads may only cost you 5 to 10 cents per click depending on the keywords. However, to get your ad seen more you may have to pay more.
Our pick for pay per click advertising is Yahoo! From our experience they are very cost effective and efficient. They get great quality leads and the ads have high visibility. Let them help you with your website marketing needs today!
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