Unix Web Hosting

When a server is used as a web host it has to have it’s own operating system. This can be Windows, Unix or Linux. This post will briefly talk about Unix (you may see this as UNIX or unix) and help you to learn about this particular operating system.

In 1969 a group of AT&T employees developed UNIX. This happened at Bell Laboratories (which is also known as Bell Labs or AT&T Bell Laboratories). Unix was officially launched on January 1, 1970 which put their seconds from launch at 1234567890 on February 13, 2009.
Unix has changed shape since that time and went through multiple versions in the 1980’s. There are many versions out today of Unix and there are also “Unix like” programs like Linux. Hewlitt Packard has one called HP-UX and Solaris by Sun Microsystems to name a few.
Unix uses a master control program (kernal) and a large selection of software that developers can either use separately or together. Programmers are fond of this because it is so functional and adaptable. Most software programs come with predetermined features and functions so the fact that you can customize this operating system is great.
Unix is not used as often today because other names like Linux and Windows are more common. Some web hosts will offer Unix/Linux hosting but more than likely you will not find the “Unix” part of things to be present. Just make sure you get what you are really wanting.
Our top pick for Unix web hosting is:
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