More HostGator & BlueHost Comparison ~ And DreamHost?

Just about a month ago we did a little BlueHost vs HostGator Comparison. Today we will do an update and see what has happened over the last month. BlueHost is now up to 995,560 active name servers. That is an increase of 26,442 since our last comparison and HostGator is at 993,399 an incredible increase of 42,437. BlueHost has managed to stay ahead by a small margin. But if HostGator can continue this growth rate they will pass them up in the next month.

A third web host we have been keeping an eye on is DreamHost. DreamHost offers a combination of what you find with BlueHost and HostGator. With one main shared web hosting plan, an unlimited plan. Meaning you have unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth and well pretty much unlimited everything else. Visit DreamHost to see a complete list of what they are offering. Other than the basic web hosting, they also offer a ton of other options including VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, domain registration, colocation, and of course a web hosting affiliate program.

For this comparison we are interested in the number of active name servers they have. In our DreamHost review we found that they currently have 976,996. Right around 20,000 less than the other two. When we are talking about nearly a million active name servers that really isn’t a very big gap. So keep checking in with us as we continue to watch 3 of the best web hosting providers to see how their success plays out.

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