HostGator Dedicated Servers Now with 10 TB Bandwidth

If you are looking for some of the most powerful but affordable web hosting, HostGator web hosting might be a great option for you to explore. HostGator dedicated servers now have 10 TB bandwidth, this helps HostGator ensure that customers get the best dedicated server web hosting available. Shared web hosting might be considered the most affordable type of web hosting, but for companies that need that extra power that comes with a dedicated server to meet their web hosting needs, HostGator’s plans are some of the best you will find on the web.

Visit HostGator for Dedicated Servers

With the basic dedicated server plan at HostGator, you not only get 10 TB of bandwidth, but you also get access to plenty of other great web hosting features including 2 GB DDR3 Memory, 2×250 GB hard drive, 5 dedicated IPs and free Plesk all for just $139 for the first month. Other dedicated web hosting features with HostGator include:

  • Free setup
  • Free SmartBundle
  • Latest version of Plesk
  • Excellent management and reliability from HostGator
  • Remote desktop access
  • Standard and frame domain forwarding
  • 24/7 Customers support
  • No Contract
  • Free website builder
  • 99.9 percent uptime guarantee

As you can see HostGator gets you started with all of the necessary features you will need to build a professional and powerful website that is guaranteed to be reliable and have available support whenever you may need it. With the HostGator dedicated servers, you will have complete access to the website builder that is easy-to-use, even for beginners with little to no HTML or programming experience. This is a great opportunity for anyone to get to have the best web hosting experience possible. Even if you are new to web hosting and web design in general, that doesn’t mean you should be limited to using only shared web hosting. Now you get the chance to have powerful, dedicated web hosting for an affordable monthly cost of just $174 per month, after the first month. Webmasters have complete control over the look and feel of each website to make sure it looks and functions exactly the way you want it to.

In addition to the basics, your dedicated server will also come pre-installed with CGI, PHP 5, Perl, Python, SSI, scheduled tasks, FrontPage, ASP, GD, and Image Magick as well as access to streaming video and music. Having access to all of these multimedia features can ensure you will be able to build an innovative website for your personal use or online business. Especially if you plan to use your website for your business or to make money online, it is so vital that you have access to these kinds of best web hosting features to make your website look creative yet professional ensuring returning visits from potential online customers. Email is also another essential tool to have with this kind of web hosting. Fortunately HostGator understands this need and is willing to accommodate with plenty of email features including webmail, email alias, auto responders, mailing lists and groups, spam filtering, mail forward, IMAP, SMTP. This way you can ensure your confidence with HostGator web hosting knowing you have access and reliability with one of the best web hosts around.

Reliability and security are the two most important aspects of web hosting because what are dozens of online features going to do if your website is down most of the time or is constantly having technical issues. This isn’t something you have to worry about with a dedicated server for HostGator web hosting especially now that this web host offers 10 TB bandwidth. This way you know you can count on HostGator to make sure your website is always up and running. Check out other HostGator reviews to learn more about this company and the different types of best web hosting available through HostGator. Be sure to check out HostGator’s website to learn more about the dedicated server features, pricing and other options today!

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