HostGator & VOIPo Partnership to Benefit Businesses

HostGator & VOIPo Partnership to Benefit Businesses

The HostGator and VOIPo partnership to benefit businesses is a great combination of powers between these two dominant web-based businesses. The HostGator and VOIPo partnership to benefit businesses includes the offering of a VOIPo toll free number with any business web hosting account at HostGator. This is a great way to save even more money on your start up business costs when you choose to host your online business with HostGator web hosting services and also take advantage of getting a free toll free number from VOIPo. The best part about this partnership is that users are getting the best of both worlds when it comes to web hosting services and Voice over Internet Protocol plans.

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This partnership between HostGator and VOIPo has been going for a couple of years now, and provides Internet and website admins with a convenient way to start up an online business for a low monthly cost. Not only are you getting great services from HostGator with shared web hosting plans starting at just $3.96 per month. For any small business owner that is looking to start up his or her own online business, it is going to need to start with a website. Fortunately HostGator caters its web hosting plans to this kind of a customer and provides all of the best web hosting tools with each web hosting package so the business owner can get the online business started without having to pay an arm and a leg in web hosting services and products. To save even more money to start, these online small business owners can also take advantage of the HostGator VOIPo partnership to get a free toll free phone number.

With each toll-free number, you get 100 minutes of free usages per calendar month. The additional minutes can be purchased for a low cost as well at just 4.9 cents per minute. You can add the toll-free number to any existing line in the U.S. and Canada as well so that continues to make this partnership between HostGator and VOIPo all the better. If you want to learn more about VOIPo and all that this top VoIP provider has to offer, be sure to check out VOIPo online as well as the VOIPo review to find out what makes this company so awesome and why it is a great fit to do business with HostGator.

As anyone who is familiar with web hosting knows, HostGator is one of the cheapest, but most feature rich web hosting providers on the web. Not only can you get access to all of the tools you need to run your online business with a successful website, but HostGator is also really customer friendly and caters to the needs of small business owners through its product offering and great partnerships like the one with VOIPo. To learn more about all that HostGator has to offer, check out HostGator reviews and the HostGator site for more information on the business plan and the toll-free number offer. Also, don’t forget to check out VOIPo online to learn more about this awesome company and how you can get the most out of this HostGator/VOIPo partnership.

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