Lunarpages and Microsfot WebMatrix Special

Lunarpages has a Microsoft WebMatrix special that will now let you launch a Windows operating system at the same price as Linux. With this Lunarpages special you can take advantage of this deal for six whole months – FREE. Microsoft WebMatrix is a web development tool from Microsoft that makes your website development quick and easy. WebMatrix lets you access popular applications like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Umbraco and many other popular apps for the best web hosting experience.

Using this Lunarpages and Microsoft WebMatrix special offers customers dedicated or virtual private server (VPS) hosting using a Windows Server 2008 R2. The Microsoft WebMatrix allows users to create a website starting from an open source app, website template, or by writing the code oneself. The WebMatrix platform was designed to bring together the web server, database, and programming interface into one, easy-to-use, fully integrated system. With the WebMatrix platform webmasters can use ASP.NET and php applications side by side. Having the same applications on your desktop as those that your website will run on on the web, makes the transition from development to publishing your website a simple, efficient process.

Lunarpages and Microsoft WebMatrix special includes:

  • $700 worth of bonus services and software
  • Tools to create, customize, and publish your website and applications
  • Popular apps like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Umbraco, and more
  • Use one server for both ASP.NET and PHP applications
  • Supports both MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and reports to increase website visibility
  • One-click website and database publishing to get online quickly
  • Fully scalable solutions

When using the Lunarpages and Microsoft WebMatrix platform you can choose from the best VPS hosting or dedicated server options from Lunarpages. VPS hosting packages start at just $57.95 per month and with this Lunarpages special offer you can launch a Windows operating system at no cost for six months. This limited time offer on Lunarpages VPS hosting includes 24/7 phone support, dedicated chat and email support, 50 GB storage, 1 IP address, Google and Facebook advertising credits, and much more. Read some Lunarpages reviews to learn more about the VPS hosting service from Lunarpages and how simple the Microsoft WebMatrix platform makes the website hosting and management experience.

Lunarpages dedicated hosting plans with WEbMatrix start at only $109 per month and include the same 24/7 support options as the VPS hosting plans with 2 GB RAM and 5 IP addresses available, Lunarpages dedicated servers also include remote desktop and Google and Facebook advertising. As a reliable web hosting and IT solution company that has been in business since 1998, Lunarpages customers will know that they are using a dependable service that can provide support and answer questions as they arise. Potential customers can visit the Lunarpages website to check out the video tutorials and learn more about the Lunarpages and Microsoft WebMatrix special offer. For those that are familiar with and in a habit of using Microsoft applications, the Microsoft WebMatrix platform is an exciting addition.

Lunarpages Internet solutions include IT infrastructure experts, managed hosting, dedicated hosting, and colocation services to meet the needs of every type of business in the industry. For those that are looking for a simple starter hosting plan, Lunarpages has a number of shared web hosting options to choose from as well. Lunarpages reviews talk about the reliable service, friendly support staff, and overall quality of the web hosting experience they have encountered. Read some Lunarpages reviews and visit their website for full details on each of the web hosting and IT solutions to find the best Lunarpages product or service for your needs. For VPS hosting or dedicated servers check out this Microsoft WebMatrix special.

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