New Year, New Web Hosting Provider

As this year comes to a close and the new year is beginning it may be time to consider starting a website, or even evaluating your web hosting services to see if you are still getting the best deal. Whether you are new to web hosting and looking to start a website for the first time, or not happy with your current web hosting company, there are a few things you should consider. Review our web hosting tips below.

New to Web Hosting

Here are a few things to look for in a web hosting company:

  • Cost – Naturally you want the best deal, right? Shared web hosting plans are available for under $4 a month.
  • Features – Most shared hosts now offer a number of unlimited features such as disk space, bandwidth, transfer, emails, etc…If a web host is charging extra for a feature do some research and see if other hosts charge for this service too.
  • Technology – Most quality web hosts have information about what type of servers they use and may even disclose how many websites are sharing one server.
  • Datacenter – Look for web hosting companies that house their servers in datacenters that are properly heated, cooled, ventilated, and have taken extra security measures.
  • Customer Support – Find a web host with numerous FREE customer service options such as 24×7 toll-free telephone, live chat, email, how-to videos, knowledgebase articles, and a user forum.

Chances are, if you are just starting your website then a shared hosting plan will suit your needs.  However, if you have developing your website for some time and know it may take up a lot of space on the server or you anticipate heavy traffic to the site then you may want to take a look at VPS or dedicated server options.

Transferring Web Hosts

Here are a few reasons people move from one web host to another:

  • Slow page loads
  • Server outages
  • Cost
  • Need more space
  • Poor customer service

Regardless of why you may be considering changing web hosting providers there are a few things to consider:

  • Transferring data – Most web hosts will transfer your data from one host to another for free, and can guarantee little or no downtime.
  • Backup – Always a good idea to back up all files just in case anything happens during the transfer.
  • Space/Bandwidth – Analyze how much space and bandwidth you currently use, then evaluate whether shared hosting will still work for you or if you may want to upgrade to VPS hosting or a dedicated server.
  • Service – If you are unhappy with your current web hosts customer service then give the potential web hosts customer service a few phone calls and see if it is better before signing up.
  • Visit Sites – Many web hosts like to brag about certain websites hosted on their servers, visit those sites and see if the pages load properly and have decent up-times.
  • Research – Do your homework and see what customer reviews are available for that particular web host.  Keep in mind whether a poor review would apply to your situation. People in general like to vent their frustrations a lot more than they take the time to acknowledge the positive stuff.

We have done a little research and found a web hosting comparison site of two of our favorite shared web hosts BlueHost and iPage.  Visit and see if either of these hosts have what you are looking for.

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